I’m Jessa: anxious mom of two, writer of this blog, and lover of slow days on the couch.

I graduated with a degree in English from Christopher Newport University in Virginia, and have been writing ever since. I’ve been published on websites such as Scary Mommy, TODAY Parents, Sarah’s Sage Advice, and the Hampton Roads Moms blog.

I have two little ones, a boy & a girl, and they are both wonderfully crazy bundles of energy! Born 14 months apart, they do everything together! (Which could either be adorable or trouble, am I right?) They keep me smiling, running, and reaching for my next caffeine hit but I wouldn’t change it for the world!

The posts I write are inspired by motherhood, my struggles with anxiety, and are infused with what I believe as a Christian. Life as an anxious mom can be really tough, and extremely tiring. Our minds are constantly running, and it’s easy to feel like we’re the only one living like this.

That’s why I created this space: to encourage moms like you that you are not alone. Let’s get through this anxious mom life together!