The Family Room.

The Family Room

My husband and I bought a house recently five months ago, and we have struggled to find ways to decorate it! When you rent for long enough, you get used to the idea of everything you put on the walls being temporary. We bought the cheapest, lightest frames and hung those on the walls of our apartment with command strips. Then we moved and rented again, and teeny tiny nails were used…sparingly. We never painted because we didn’t know how long we would be renting. Even if it was for a year – what’s the point of painting just to have to paint it back in a few months?

The extent of my decorating was a gallery wall in the stairway, and a collage in our daughter’s nursery. We bought a bedroom set when we first got married, and a couch soon after. Those are the only real pieces of furniture we owned! Then we added a crib, a few hand-me-down chairs and shelves, and a dining room table off the side of that road that my neighbor refurnished for us. Over time we have accumulated enough furniture to fill approximately 1200 square feet.

Now that we’ve moved and almost doubled our square footage, we found ourselves with several rooms void of any furniture. The room you see as soon as you walk in = empty. The kitchen nook = empty except for a nice window seat my dad and husband put in. It’s coming together, but slowly. What do you expect from a full time working couple with an 11 month old? {Not to mention one of them is pregnant!}

A couple weekends ago, the hubby and I decided to take a trip to IKEA in hopes of finding a few key pieces of furniture to start filling up space.


We found our couch at Value City Furniture a few years ago. It’s a Serta, and is SO comfortable.

We found the coffee table and rug both at IKEA.

The gray pillows were found online at, along with the black cubes. Most of our picture frames were given to us, and the shelf pictured in the back of the room is a hand-me-down as well!


I love that I can pull the coffee table drawer out and style the divided sections as many times as I want. To me this yelled “baby-proof-yet-stylish.” There is character and style to the table, but I don’t have to worry about little hands reaching for what’s in there.


This room still has a ways to go, but for now it’s starting to feel more like “us.” Once I commit to a color, we will start painting, hanging pictures, and tackling the fireplace!


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