Weekly Truth: Time is Precious

If children don’t make you come to this realization, I don’t know what will.

I always knew that time was is fleeting, and to enjoy the little moments. But that’s a lot easier said than done. In college, I wasted SO much time. Not that I partied, or made {a lot of} stupid mistakes, but there weren’t many times that I just sat down and enjoyed where I was in life. Those moments were just as important as the ones I’m experiencing now.

#Weekly Truth Time is Precious

When you’re single, you’re wishing you were with someone.

When you’re with someone, you’re wishing you were already married.

When you’re married, you’re wishing you had a house.

When you’ve got the house, you’re wishing you could fill it up with babies.

And when you’ve got babies, you realize just how much time has passed already, and you learn to start slowing down to enjoy the moments right in front of you.

There was a time in my life when I finally recognized that I needed to just enjoy being single. I dated from the beginning of high school until I was a senior in college, without much time in between. I felt like I wasn’t making time for the Lord anymore, or cherishing the benefit of being single. Paul tells us in Corinthians to enjoy being single if we are, and to do all we can for the Kingdom while we don’t have obligations to spouses or children. When you look at it that way, being single can be very freeing.

When I was newly married, I remember my husband being very preoccupied with finding a house for us to buy. It didn’t happen nearly as fast as he was anticipating, so we spent a lot of our time browsing sites and visiting homes – dreaming of the life we didn’t have, instead of enjoying the one we did. It’s funny how even after we moved into a bigger place, we found ourselves looking back on our one-bedroom apartment with fondness.

Now that we are homeowners, with children, we definitely have a TON of things we want to work on and improve, but we recognize the importance of enjoying the here and now.

Why wait until you have achieved everything on your bucket list to enjoy where you are at?

The moment you are in now will soon become your memories of tomorrow – you want those to count!  Make them significant. Take notice of the small things. Right now my house is halfway painted, {literally, half of our kitchen is painted} but I still want to look at it with fondness, knowing that this is our home, our daughter’s first {and maybe only} home. Even when it’s imperfect, it’s ours and it’s worth enjoying.

As I watch my daughter grow up, there aren’t enough photographs in the world that would fully encapsulate the quality moments we spend together. My eyes are my lenses, and with them I will take in all I can. I have to! I can’t let these moments pass me by!

These are lessons that I have to relearn almost every day. It’s not easy for me to look at things optimistically, or to see things outside of their imperfections. But I do believe these lessons are worth learning, and worth focusing on.

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