What Does Your Search History Say About You?

I was looking for an article recently on something specific, and I knew I had read it in the last week. Where had I seen it? I couldn’t remember the name of the article to Google it – I was at a loss. Until I remembered that it would be in my search history, and if I dedicated the time needed I could probably find it. Sure enough, it was there – almost exactly a week ago. But while I scrolled through pages of search history I started thinking: If someone who didn’t know me looked at my search history, what would they learn about me?

What Does Your Search History Say About You?

They would learn that:

  • I’m on Facebook too much, and could quite possibly be seen as a stalker.
  • I think SNL is hilarious.
  • I’ve researched a lot of random people lately {why?}
  • I’m finally starting to keep up with the news.
  • I’ve recently learned what gifs are.
  • I got back on Facebook, again.
  • I’m gullible for reading posts on “life hacks.”
  • I’m my blog’s biggest viewer.
  • I check my email pretty often.
  • Pinterest got a check…or 20.
  • I couldn’t figure out how to unjam a paper shredder {and thanks for not helping, Youtube!}

Now, I wouldn’t say my search history flaunts my best features…at all. And this isn’t a post about how we should be aware of what we’re browsing because it makes or breaks our character. But, what would someone see if they were only seeing me through my search history.

What would yours say about you?

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