Posting On Social Media.

When it comes to posting on social media sites, it doesn’t seem like a lot is considered “off limits” anymore. Celebrities are notorious for posting their drama, nudey pics, and other useless information online. In a lot of ways, social media has been taken advantage of and misused. What started as a convenient way to stay in touch with large quantities of “friends” all at once has now become a gateway for others to manipulate the information they find online to their heart’s content.

As a result, I’ve come up with a list of some things that I think you should, or shouldn’t, post online.

Posting on Social Media

What you should consider not posting:

  1. You never want to post pictures of your child at any particular location where you might not be with them the entire time (i.e. pictures of you dropping them off at school). Not only do predators use social media to target children, but now you’ve just made it a lot easier for them to locate your child.
  2. Your child’s full name. I know I’m guilty of this one. I have only once, to my knowledge, posted my daughter’s full name online. Most of the time I prefer to only reference her as A, to keep some anonymity.  I recently read about a well-known blogging mother whose daughter was stopped in the restroom by someone who was an acquaintance of her mother’s via Facebook. Not only did the woman know the child’s full name, she also knew facts about her from school that she was able to reference, thus thoroughly freaking said child out. The child didn’t know this woman at all, but she sure knew a lot about her.
  3.  Nudey pics. Ummm, isn’t this one a no-brainer? We should all know by now that anything you unleash on the internet never fully disappears.  The same goes for Facebook, Instagram, Snap Chat, etc. Thanks, Timehop for reminding me of the trash I posted this time two years ago! {To be clear, I’ve never posted a nudey pic!}
  4. Any sort of drama that should be kept between two people. No one wants to know about the argument you’re having with your boyfriend’s ex-girlfriend’s cousin.
  5. Vague statuses. Oh, you’re going through a rough time but don’t want to talk about it? Then don’t post it on social media!
  6. Pictures of all the gifts you got for Christmas/your birthday/Valentine’s Day:  People are going to be happy for you, and you may get a lot of likes on all the pictures that you upload, but posting pictures of your gifts can come across as…tacky. This doesn’t apply to the bouquet of roses someone surprised you with at work, or the pick-me-up you got on a bad day. We picture-document everything these days, but we have to draw a line. Somewhere.

What you should consider posting:

  1. Pictures that are special to you. I have found this one to be especially helpful to me over time. I’ve gone through several phones in the last year or so, and after switching from an iPhone, to an android, back to an iPhone, special pictures were lost. Except the ones I posted to social media. Permission settings are your friend though – the whole world doesn’t have to see your special moments if you don’t want them to. Create an album and set it to “only me” as the viewer.
  2. Weekly/Monthly pregnant pictures.  I know some people aren’t going to agree with me here, and that’s ok. Some of us are accused of being “self-absorbed” for the weekly pregnancy updates we post. I am so glad I took pictures of myself when I was pregnant before. Not only do I have those pictures to show my daughter when she’s older, I’ve been able to compare the growth of my stomach this time around to the progress I made when I was pregnant with her. {My conclusion so far: boy bumps aren’t much different than girl. You can read about more similarities and differences here} After posting my pictures, several people commented that they wish they could look back at their pregnancies and have record of it like I do. You don’t want to regret not doing something that is really so simple.
  3. Encouraging things about your spouse/significant other. It is personally encouraging when I read friends’ updates about how well things are going. Not only is it beneficial to see more positive messages online, it does wonders for your relationship when you concern yourself with speaking well about your spouse in public. Negative words are so easy to say, but should they be? Now, I’ve heard criticisms of this point as well – the argument was that “those who are divorced don’t want it to be rubbed in their face that you’re so happy.” The same case was made for #2 – couples who have lost a child don’t want to be constantly reminded of your happy pregnancy when theirs ended in grief. So, should the same be said when I want to post an update about how great my job is? It could be said that my unemployed friends don’t want to read about how happy I am with my job, because it’s just rubbing their sore spot. In my opinion, there will always be something online that someone doesn’t want to see, or that makes them feel a certain way. In that case, it’s more of an inward problem than your problem.
  4. Things that make you smile. If pictures of bunnies make you smile, slap that onto your timeline. If you just heard a hilarious knock-knock joke, tweet it! Social media struggles to maintain a positive environment  so,  in my opinion, they need more updates like this! {Disclaimer: if pictures of dead puppies makes you smile, please don’t post those. Post something that would make someone else smile. Someone less…disturbing}

Now that we all have a few guidelines to post by, post away!


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