Weekly Truth: The Truth About Comparison

Friends, it is always a struggle for me not to compare myself to someone else.

To the new moms who have it all together, all the time. To the women who actually have time to make hair appointments, or take their kids to the park during the week {ok, so I did that one time}.

I compare myself to the people who put on such good fronts that it’s intimidating.

So, I have to remind myself that they’re fronts. Each of us struggles, but not all of us are honest about it.

The Truth about Comparison

If someone were to look at my Facebook account or only saw my life in pictures on Instagram, it might look pretty “together.” But what you don’t see are the nights I lay awake stressing over the messes in my house, or me worrying that my daughter’s upcoming birthday party won’t be great. You don’t see me rushing out of the house in the morning trying to keep it together, when I’m not comfortable in the clothes I’m wearing, or in the way I fixed my hair.

We only ever advertise the side of us we want others to see.

I don’t want people to know when my husband and I argue, so I don’t post about it {surprise – we do argue!} I don’t broadcast every moment I’m frustrated with something in my life {because it would just overwhelm you}. And it’s probably best that I don’t.

Because, sometimes talking about it makes it worse! Sometimes it’s best just to take a deep breath and let it pass. Sometimes it’s best not to air our frustrations and allow others to fan the flames.

Ultimately, it’s best to stop ourselves short of comparing our lives to someone else’s. When it comes down to it, the comparison starts with one thing and turns into a giant boulder. When we compare what we don’t have to something someone else does, we disregard our blessings.

And we always leave off worse than where we started.

When I start comparing my house to someone else’s, I focus on all the things that are wrong with my house: the lights are too dim, one ceiling fan doesn’t work, the shutters are bent, the siding is tacky. I discredit all the things I do love about it: it’s ours, we bought this house! It’s a great size for us, it has a nice sized backyard for our children to play in, we can make all the changes to it that we want.

How does it make you feel when you compare yourself to someone else? Is it worth the agony that follows? {Read another blog post about being content, here}

In my experience, it’s miserable and it’s never worth it. As I challenge myself this weekend to keep my head high and appreciate my life, I challenge you to do the same.

Happy Weekend!

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