Setting Priorities.

Setting PrioritiesLast night I stayed up too late watched a movie that affected me in a somewhat unexpected way.

I remember when “God’s not Dead” was out in theaters. The hubby and I talked about going out to see it, but life is busy folks. And we don’t go to the movies very much anymore. So, I wait until things come out on Netflix – which is how I watched this movie.

I knew the gist of the story line – a Christian freshman goes to college, and his faith is challenged by his atheist Philosophy teacher. In my opinion, a lot of the plot was very predictable, but the movie was enjoyable nonetheless. It could be seen as “inspiring” in the sense that this freshman spent countless hours outside of class preparing debates to convince his teacher and peers that God isn’t, in fact, dead. What affected me was the very end of the movie {caution: this could be a spoiler!}.

The philosophy teacher gets hit by a car as he’s crossing the street. It’s a hit and run, and a preacher happens to conveniently be in the car right near him. The preacher rushes to his side and proceeds to ask him if he knows Jesus, that he is experiencing a moment of grace – the Lord has given him another chance to acknowledge and accept him instead of having him die instantly.

I listened as the preacher walked the teacher through his profession of faith, and continued to celebrate after the teacher had died – “Can you imagine the celebration going on in Heaven?” one of them asks.

It hit me suddenly: if I witnessed someone on the brink of death, would I know how to handle it? What would I say? How would I answer their questions of faith?

Quick answers are a result of preparation. And you are only prepared after really spending time on something – studying it, memorizing it. My priorities are not on reading scripture and preparing myself to witness to the one person who may need me in the future. My priorities haven’t been on saving those around me. It’s been on meaningless things, like making sure I’ve got curtains in my living room, and that I have enough matching clothes in my wardrobe.

Where are our priorities? And are they worth staying the way they are? Or do we need to evaluate them, and set a goal to change?

As my daughter’s birthday arrives and the stress of creating a perfect home creeps in, I challenge myself  to remember this point. Is it really worthwhile to worry about these things?

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