We’re Foster (Fur) Parents!

As some of you may know, my husband and I recently made the decision to foster a dog for a family that we know through our church.

Their need for a foster family came about very suddenly, and very seriously. After hearing their story and talking to my husband, we felt like we could help and that this was going to be God’s way of using us in what was previously a very negative situation for them.


So let me introduce to you, Lacey! She is 10 years old, and is a beagle/chow mix. She is very loving, good with children (and our cats), and is very obedient (correction: she is mostly obedient. We did have an incident this weekend that spurred this correction!)

We definitely have a full house! Our cats are still in shock that we would let something so big and foreign into their house, but they are starting to adjust.

Here’s the dynamic in our house right now:


The cats have eyes on Lacey at all times. They prefer to watch her from the stairs so that they are far enough away from her to feel safe. Our daughter didn’t pay her much mind initially, except for when it was time to feed her (She got a taste of what dog food tastes like just this morning). But more recently, my daughter gets excited in the morning to see Lacey again, and has started petting her back and pulling up on her. It really is sweet to see!

It’s been an adventure already, for sure. We’ve had Lacey for a couple weeks, and  I’m realizing that adding another pet to the mix challenges me in ways I didn’t expect. It’s hard for me to refrain from running the vacuum every day. Between two cats running around and an excited dog, hair balls also run rampant. I’m very much not used to the smell of dog breath, or to an animal following me so closely from room to room. There is a clear personality difference between cats and dogs!

We have been so fortunate  that Lacey is agreeable with everyone in the house. She isn’t bothered at all when my daughter reaches into her food bowl while she’s eating. She doesn’t pay the cats any mind when they stalk her. And she is crazy excited whenever she sees me in the morning and afternoon.

Our prayer was that the Lord was going to use this experience for good. We opened up our home – acting outside of our comfort zones – to help a family we knew needed it. In the big scheme of sacrifices, we know this is a small one. And I know from the letters I’ve received from the family so far that it’s a small sacrifice to us that communicates such a big message to them.

Welcome to our family, Lacey!

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