A quick trip to Williamsburg, VA!

Things have been stressful in our household lately. With so much going on, we decided recently to take some time after work and make an impromptu trip to Williamsburg for a quick stroll to the park and some pictures. When tensions are high, or things just aren’t going as planned, it’s nice to change up the routine and do something enjoyable!

Our first stop was to a cute little garden on the Duke of Gloucester street strip in Williamsburg, VA. The flowers were gorgeous!

Our little model!

We walked a little ways further along and found a spot to lay our blanket down and let the baby crawl around a bit. She loved it! (And we enjoyed the break)

We played, watched tourists pass by, and even saw a horse and carriage ride right past our spot!

This girl always loves playing with daddy!

But, momma had to get some pictures too! I love my babies!

It was a fun trip, and gave us just enough energy to recharge {somewhat} for the busy weekend ahead of us!

What do you like to do with your family to relax?

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