When There’s Too Much Going On

I can’t really remember a time (recently) that I’ve thought to myself, “I just don’t have anything going on!” It seems laughable…there is always something to do anymore!

I remember being a newlywed, at home in our apartment, bored out of our minds because night after night we would eat dinner, plop down on the couch and watch a show on Netflix, and then complain because no good shows were on at 10 o’clock. Friends, now? I don’t know when the last time was I stayed up until 10:00 to watch tv. Those were the days! We didn’t know how fortunate we were to have a blank schedule, to be free to run to the store on a whim, or to waste time binge watching shows online.

There’s just too much going on.

When There's Too Much Going On

Between raising a toddler, fostering a dog, being 32 weeks pregnant with my second child, working an opposite schedule from my husband, planning for my brother’s wedding in June, and preparing for baby’s arrival in July, when can we catch a break? And what do we do to keep from burning out?

When I’m at work, my brain is consistently on hyperdrive. If I’m not thinking about work stuff, I’m making arrangements for wedding stuff. If not that, I’m visualizing what changes we can make to our house (and figuring out where to start hanging pictures). If I’ve taken a break from that, I’m making meal plans, writing blog posts, or staring at my cubicle wall because my brain is starting to hurt. It gets to a point where I realize I’ve got to start doing something differently or I’m going to explode!

So, here are a few things I do to cope with the chaos:

1. Make Lists. I am definitely a list person, because I’m a visual person. It helps me to get my thoughts lined up. Creating lists of everything I want to get done in each area of my life helps me categorize and prioritize what needs to get done first, or what can wait. Lists also help give me peace of mind that once I’ve written my ideas down, they won’t be forgotten…assuming I don’t lose said list.

2. Pray about it. Sometimes, all I can do is pray about it. Especially when I’ve hit a wall and know that not everything is going to get done that I want done {story of life, right?}. This is an important, and necessary, step. Whether we think we’ve got it all together or not, prayer does wonders for our stress levels, peace of mind, and walk with the Lord. You may think all you’re doing is complaining, but the Lord sees it differently. The more we lean on him, the easier it becomes for us to carry the load.

3. Delegate. I’m guilty of not doing this when I really need the help sometimes. There’s no shame in asking for help – you might be surprised how much joy others around you get from serving! I remember being a new mom at home with my small baby, still barely able to sit down comfortably or stand for long periods of time {just being honest, y’all!}. I desperately wanted to vacuum my house, make sure the dishes were cleaned, and that everything was presentable for the visitors stopping by. It wasn’t always possible for me to do that, though. I had to lean on my husband for help, on my parents to clean the house before we came home – making sure that bedding was on the crib, that the cat’s litter box was cleaned, and that furballs weren’t trailing through the house – and on our friends from church to make sure we had meals for the first week or so we were home. We were blessed to be surrounded by people who forced their love on us. If they stood around waiting for me to ask, they would still be waiting! I’ve since learned that it does in fact prove better in the long run to delegate sometimes.

4. Let it go. This is the hardest one for me. Letting go of something feels like quitting, so I just don’t let it go. I’ve convinced myself that it doesn’t matter that I’m 8 months pregnant – I can still move furniture, move as quickly as I used to, and juggle the same amount of tasks that I did before. But that’s not true. When your phase of life changes, sometimes that means your task load needs to change too, along with your expectations. This phase of life definitely requires that I relax more, and have more down time. I need my rest – growing a baby is a lot of work! So, say this with me: “it’s ok to let some things go!”

When life feels heavy, and you think there’s just way too much going on, that might be a red flag for change. Yes – we’re going to be busy. But there’s no sense in being overwhelmed by daily tasks when we can cut out a couple things and enjoy life more.

Think about that this Memorial Day weekend as you’re hopefully enjoying time with friends and family!


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