Learning to value Presence over Pictures.

presenceWhen I watch my daughter playing, or see her smile in her daddy’s arms, I reach for my camera so that I can forever look back on these days again, and smile.

When she’s splashing in the pool.

Or eating spaghetti in her high chair.

When she’s sticking her finger up her nose,

and running towards her baby brother to hug him.

I want to remember those moments. So I take a picture.

But, there are times that my choice to lift my camera, instead of lifting my head, prevents me from being present. It keeps me from really seeing a moment – experiencing a moment – that could change my life.

What did we do before Instagram? Before every moment, every meal even, was documented?

I think…life was really lived. It was enjoyed. It was soaked up. And if there were stories to be told from those everyday moments, families gathered together and more memories were created from them.

What is a picture, compared to real life?

Pictures will someday be lost, or misplaced. Or, one special moment will be swept up in the thousands of photos stored on my phone.

Pictures can be staged, or manipulated. Falsified.

They can give you a false impression of someone’s life, or home, or family, that a genuine conversation will not.

They can make you take a look at your life, and compare it to a picture. 

This is a good life, friends. And there is a lot of it still left to live.

So let’s breathe in these moments like a sweet smelling rose, and pray that we will remember them.

Live. And love. And cherish.

That’s what is most important.

Not the pictures.

Or the quality of each picture taken.

Not whether each moment is Pinterest-worthy,

or Instagram-worthy.

Those moments are not lost because no camera was around to capture them.

Moments are lost only when we choose to look past them,

when we are too busy looking ahead to the future

that we miss out on the present.

Will you slow down with me? And take a breath? And soak up the life we are living, right now?

Let’s be present,

and capture those irreplaceable everyday moments by living them to their fullest.


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