What it’s like taking a break from Social Media.

My crazy bunch

It has only been a few days since I left social media, and in a way it hasn’t been as difficult as I anticipated.

This was the prime time to quit: thanksgiving followed by a holiday weekend. All my free time would be spent with family, shopping, taking down and putting up decorations. When would I be bored enough to notice social media was gone?

I’ll tell you when. Right now. Now, when both kids are napping and there’s nothing good on TV. Now, when I’ve set up all the Christmas decorations and the Hubby is out running errands. Now is when I start to miss it.

W is shocked that I’m having withdrawal!

But why? What is it about Facebook that seems to cause such a gap in my life?

I made a comment to my husband the day after thanksgiving that it was a dumb idea to post a picture online, and then sign off. “What if someone comments on it?” I asked in despair. “And, I won’t know how many likes I get!” It’s shameful that I even concern myself with these things, but this was our actual conversation. I stopped and started to reevaluate why I post anything to social media. Is it just for the likes? Am I posting just for other people? What do I get out of it?

If you’ve spent any amount of time on social media, chances are you’ve figured out what types of posts your friends/audience prefers. It’s simple: what posts get the most likes? Engagement posts? Wedding updates? Pregnancy pictures? Baby spam? All of these things generate likes, which is why we see them all over our newsfeed. But, are we posting them because we genuinely want our friends to celebrate with us, or do we just want them to celebrate us?

Facebook has made me unbelievably selfish. Or, maybe Facebook has just brought to light just how selfish my intentions can be at times.  I’ve always wanted to be liked, and Facebook gave me a clear path to make that happen. I’ve always wanted to seem like I have everything together, and Facebook allows me to pick and choose what pictures I share and the attitude of my posts. To someone browsing my timeline, I might seem completely together, winning at being a mother of two, with a perfect marriage. And if that’s how it seems, I am sorry.

I’m sorry that Facebook makes it so easy for us not to be truthful to one another. It is so easy for us to hide behind well lit pictures and perfectly timed snapshots. None of us have it together, but everyone on social media seems like they do. We are surrounded by a false sense of perfection, and that’s hard code to live by.

While I’m on this break from social media, I am going to spend some quality time with my imperfections. I am going to look at my partially furnished house and see it for the blessing it is, not the magazine spread it is not.

When I look in the mirror I am going to strive to see me – not the model I wish I was, or the flaws I wish weren’t there.

I am going to play with my kids, and when they throw a tantrum or don’t take a nap, I will text a friend who has been there and we will grow closer because of it.

He is clearly not thrilled to be in my selfie

That’s being intentional, and as a result of social media we have lost the understanding of how important that really is. You may not need to log off completely, but I challenge you to be intentional this week too, and see how it changes you.

Until next time! xoxo

One thought on “What it’s like taking a break from Social Media.

  1. You said this very well! So often I find myself posting pics of my son and I often find myself going once I take a pic, do I really need to post it? Lol I mean family loves seeing the pics but then again so many could come see him in person if they want to see him. I guess it’s good for those who can’t be here to see him in person.


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