For The Parents Who Always Talk About Poop

You’re reading this title and you’re either thinking, “what have I just gotten myself into,” OR, “finally, someone else understands the struggle!” As moms, don’t our lives sometimes seem consumed by…POOP?

Making sure your kids are pooping.

Making sure the poop is the right consistency.

Treating your child IF their poop is not the right consistency.

Making doctors appointments for your kid’s poop.

Cleaning your kids poop off everything.

Smelling poop even though there is no more poopy diaper.

Sharing your poop stories with all your friends.

Laughing about poop.

Crying about poop.

Girls, I’ve been there. And even though this post isn’t at all about solving your poop problems, I just want to put my hand on your shoulder and let you know – you’re NOT alone!

I’ve got so many poop stories, where to begin…

Let me first say that ever since my daughter was around six months old, she’s had trouble with her poop. She started baby food and almost immediately became constipated. She would strain and struggle and eventually tear her little bottom pushing it out (eww, sorry guys). We took her to the doctor and they encouraged us to give her Miralax in her bottle to smooth things out.

Fast forward a year, and she was doing great! But then…potty training started. She was two and a half, and the constipation returned. Suddenly, she was holding it in and would NOT poop on the toilet. I got to the point where I just said, “you know what, if you will only poop in your diaper – FINE!” I mean really, just get it out already. That solved one problem, but set us back in our potty training a little bit.  Eventually we worked it out, practiced going poopy on the potty and I can happily say that my three year old is fully potty trained.

Part of my fear in all of this was that my daughter would get to the point where she would be so fearful of using the toilet that it would turn into this huge anti-poopy campaign. I laugh at that now because my daughter is TOTALLY obsessed with poopy – or rather, the word “poopy.”

There are poopy songs, and poopy jokes, and I think most of what we talk about at home is “POOPY!” My son thinks it’s hysterical every time my daughter sings a song and substitutes a word with “poopy.”

For example, there’s “Twinkle, twinkle little poopy,” “Someone’s in the kitchen with Poopy,” “Rain, rain, go away come again another day, little POOPY wants to play, rain, rain, go away.” Those are the current all-time favorites.

I can feel it…y’all are looking at me through this computer screen thinking we’re a family of lunatics! Please, tell me we’re not the only ones!

I’ve not found a way to discourage my daughter from talking about this all the time. I’ve told her before that it’s yucky to talk about poopy when we are out in public, and so she has at least kept it to herself when we’re shopping and such. But at home? There’s no filter. I actually told her that if she kept talking about poopy, we would throw her a poopy themed birthday party next month – she laughed and laughed and knew I wasn’t serious…fail.

What’s the crazy things your kids talk about? Have any of them gotten hung up on the silliness of poop?

For those of you whose kids also love poop:

poop game

this poop game 

poop book

this poop book

poop unicorn

this unicorn poop toy 

Who knew there was such a big poop industry, right? I hope you all got a good chuckle out of this post! If you did, leave me a comment below!

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