Is it possible be authentic in an age where everything is sponsored?

We are constantly bombarded with “genuine” glimpses into the everyday lives of the people we follow online.

Now, whether they really are genuine glimpses or not, it’s hard to tell. When we post #ads or #sponsored posts, followers may immediately begin to think that our post has become less authentic because someone paid us to write about their product. It causes skepticism for them, but provides a side income for the content creator. So how do we navigate all this?

There are a few people that I follow online but don’t know in real life, and these few people give off a very authentic vibe. They create this by making sure that when they talk to others online, they talk to people’s hearts and stay away from superficial responses. “Thanks babe!” gets old. “heart eyes emoji” is cute every once in a while.

On social media, I think it’s especially important to be an authentic presence in a world of people who are feeling increasingly lonely and isolated.

How can someone feel so alone amongst millions of Facebook users? How is it that they use Instagram for hours a day and still feel like they have no friends?

Because there is no genuine connection.

I’m the kind of person who is getting increasingly more comfortable with being an open book with strangers. Sure, it’s a little scary bearing my soul to someone that could throw it back in my face. Shoot, it has happened before. But you know what? I survived. At the end of the day I would rather be my TRUE self to everyone I meet rather than be superficial with someone that could use a real connection.

Open conversations with others leads to community. Connection. Networking. Friendships. Jobs. Assistance. The possibilities are endless. The very basis of our existence is about connecting with others. So why is it so hard?

Be the change. Start the movement. Let someone see the REAL you behind your social media facade. And if you want to chat with someone who will help give you that nudge, hit me up.

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