Make your own CBD edibles

Recently I wrote a post about products that I use to manage my anxiety.

In that, I had mentioned that I was going to experiment with making my own CBD edibles to help with the aftertaste of the CBD oil.

Last night I played around with making some chocolates with my daily dose of CBD.

I will say, this involved some trial and error on my part. Fortunately though for you, I can tell you my mistakes so that YOU won’t make them!

Based on the instructions of my candy mould, I put the chocolate chips into the tray to melt them there.

Unfortunately, that did not work. It burnt the chocolate chips and I had to start over.

The best way to melt these particular chocolate morsels is to heat them up in a glass bowl for a minute, stir, and then continue heating them up 30 seconds at a time. My microwave tends to run hot, so it only took like a minute and 30 seconds initially to melt everything.

Then, I played around again with how to add the CBD oil. The first two moulds I put the chocolate in first, and then added 6 sprays of oil. Those did not solidify as well, but hopefully are still effective when I eat them (stay tuned).

With the others, I sprayed the mould with the oil and then spooned the chocolate into the moulds after that. Those worked MUCH better.

Next time, I may buy some peppermints and actually crush those up to add to the chocolates too. The CBD oil is flavored with peppermint already, so these are a nice, minty chocolate treat – with added benefits!

The CBD oil I’ve been using is by Redeem Therapeutics. They are super friendly and easy to work with, and their website is easy to navigate. They also provide a dosage tracker to help with managing your symptoms based on how much CBD you’re trying each day.

It’s not an exact science, so if you are new to trying CBD, keep in mind that you need to give yourself some wiggle room before you start feeling the effects.

I use it to help manage my anxiety. I take a regular medication as well, but unfortunately still find myself anxious and having panic attacks. The CBD is another oil in my arsenal to carry with me for those moments I need something QUICK.

I hope you enjoyed this post! I’ll update it when I make my next batch with crushed candies added. I do think that’ll add a nice mix of crunchy to the sweetness!

If you struggle with anxiety, be sure to check out my Etsy shop!

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